Workers Compensation

Willis CKA’s approach to Workers’ Compensation is unique and enables our clients to achieve significant financial and operational benefits.

Our market leading approach focuses on connection:

Connecting with clients
Connecting clients to insurers
Connecting clients to external providers
Connecting claims costs to premiums

We connect finance, HR and safety department expertise and objectives to improve performance and reduce costs.

We connect underwriting and claims. These functions commonly occur independently and do not integrate.

We connect our clients with Willis CKA recommended service providers to work in unison to drive the performance of the insurer and reduce costs. Service providers are commonly engaged by insurers and do not fully appreciate client needs.

Key Cost Drivers can be influenced differently by various parties including client, insurer and external service providers. Connecting each party and the influence they have, focused upon a common goal, is part of CKA’s unique Workers Compensation model.

CKA’s approach is different. While most brokers present historical information to get quotes, we maximise the knowledge we have of our clients using the Key Cost Driver model. This process changes the paradigm and allows significantly better premium outcomes to be achieved.

Improving your approach to safety and risk is our focus. At Willis CKA we proactively manage the risks associated with your business, aiming not only to reduce your premiums, but to deliver continuous and ongoing improvements in your Workers’ Compensation performance.

Willis CKA helps to manage risks by applying a dynamic and systematic risk based approach. Our methodology is one that sets us apart from other brokers.

We are market leaders because we:

  1. Employ the best professional brokers and claims managers
  2. Achieve bottom line benefits for our clients through reduced premiums
  3. Stay at the forefront of risk management through the implementation of our multi-dimensional Key Cost Driver model and review program
  4. Apply a tailored integrated approach to achieve objectives identified in the Key Cost Driver model
  5. Build long term relationships with clients
  6. Provide expert support and services from our Workers Compensation claims team
  7. Provide our clients with a network of quality service providers designed to improve overall outcomes in claims and performance
  8. Provide emergency response advice to clients during times of crisis