People Risks

People are our clients’ number one asset.

Protecting employees (and their families) is a priority for most employers. Purchasing various insurance policies to cover your employees is simple however ensuring that the insurance policies do not overlap, leave gaps or provide inconsistent coverage requires a more thorough approach.

Willis CKA concentrates on clearly understanding our client’s needs before we propose an insurance solution. The insurance solution may involve some or all of the following covers. Importantly however, we ensure that each policy is designed to specifically respond to each of our clients’ unique requirements.

Workers Compensation (all States in Australia)
Extra Territorial Workers Compensation
Corporate Travel (extended to cover family and leisure travel)
Personal Accident (either 24 hour or only whilst working)
Inpatriate and Expatriate Medical Insurance
Emergency Assistance
Income Protection*
Life and Disability* Insurance
Journey Insurance
Working Directors – Personal Accident
Key Person
Contingency (Kidnap & Ransom)

All insurance solutions are supported by appropriate risk management protocols and claims management systems. Endeavouring to eliminate or minimise a People Risk exposure is our first concern, but when something does happen, claims response is critical.

Willis CKA’s specialist People Risk skills will provide solutions to protect your number one asset.

*Willis CKA has relationships with specialist providers of these products and will work in partnership with these providers where these products are required. Willis CKA is not authorised to advise or deal in these products.