Mining and Resources Industry

The rewards in the mining industry can be high but so too are the risks.

Willis CKA provides specialist general insurance broking and risk consulting services to companies operating in the mining, resources and associated industries.

Since our establishment in 2004 we have quickly earned a reputation for providing unrivalled resources industry expertise.

The risks associated with the mining sector are often more hazardous and complex than other industries. Willis CKA’s ability to ‘talk our clients’ language’ greatly assists us in fully identifying and communicating insurable and uninsurable risks.

Our knowledge of the industry and it’s specific risks also gives the insurance market additional confidence which in turn allows us to negotiate broader insurance cover and more competitive premium terms for our clients.
Companies in the mining and resources sector traditionally had only two choices:

one of the internationally owned broking houses operating in Australia or;
one of a large number of local broking houses that specialise in small or relatively simple commercial businesses, but lack the specialist experience and necessary expertise to place mining and resources industry risks

There are few Australian owned brokers who have the capability, credentials and experience to provide ‘international broker’ expertise that most companies in the resources sector require. Willis CKA fills this void by providing personal service unmatched by the international brokers together with the technical insurance and risk financing capabilities that most local brokers are not equipped to provide.


Mining companies have many common risks – they also differ significantly depending on a number of factors such as:

Australian or international operations
Stage of evolution (ie. explorer, developer, producer)
Open cut or underground operations
Hard rock or soft rock mining
Exposure to natural hazards (eg. cyclones, flood, earthquake etc)
Owner mining or contractor mining
Own processing plant or use of third party owned facilities
Single mine or multiple operations
Commodity prices
Mine life
Contingency options

Willis CKA’s intimate understanding of the mining and resources sector allows us to ‘talk our client’s language’. The result is the right level of insurance cover that has been specifically designed to cover each company’s unique risk exposures.


Companies who are purely mineral explorers have traditionally been overlooked by insurance brokers in favour of producers because of exploration companies’ relatively modest insurance requirements.

Willis CKA takes a different view. We see mineral exploration companies as the lifeblood and future of Australia’s mining industry. We therefore focus on ‘junior explorers’ and provide specifically tailored, competitively priced insurance covers for companies in this sector. Whilst their insurance requirements may be modest, Willis CKA do not advocate a “one size fits all” approach.

Willis CKA has a division dedicated to companies who service the mining and resources sector. In Australia this is a sizeable part of the wider mining industry and includes industries such as:

Mining contractors (below and above ground)
Drilling contractors
Engineering and fabrication companies
Specialist consultants (eg. metallurgists, geologists, environmental consultants, engineers etc).
Mobile Plant / Equipment Hire Companies.

The risk profile of such companies differs substantially from mining companies. For example;

Mining contractors often have significant mobile plant risks.
Drilling contractors often have more extreme Public Liability and Workers Compensation risk exposures.
Consultants often have complex Professional Indemnity exposures.

Willis CKA understands the risks these companies face. Importantly, we understand the Insurance and Indemnity conditions that mining companies seek to contractually impose and we are well experienced in assisting our clients to comply with these requirements.

We also understand that companies who service the mining sector need prompt, accurate and commercial advice from their broker. Willis CKA ensures that insurance and risk management compliance never hinders our clients commercial and corporate objectives. In fact, we aim to make insurance a point of positive differentiation for our clients.