Contract Reviews

The quality of contract review advice and advocacy sees broker service levels differ substantially.

At Willis CKA we respond quickly, marking up recommended changes where required. We take a commercial and pragmatic approach – ever mindful of the overriding commercial pressures that our clients face. We are happy to liaise directly with Third Parties to quickly and satisfactorily resolve any matter that may arise.

It is important to note, for example, that;

Many uninsurable risks can be transferred contractually.
Third Parties will typically try to transfer risks which are not acceptable (eg. consequential loss liabilities, responsibility for other parties’ actions, etc).
It is essential that, where appropriate, Third Party insurance policies are properly endorsed (eg. Workers Compensation policies should have full Principals Indemnity Extensions, etc).
The speed, accuracy and commercial nature of our contract reviews assists our clients to win and retain business on terms that reflect their risk appetite and insurance program coverage.