This is arguably the most important job your insurance broker needs to perform. Having paid an underwriter for your insurance policy you expect it to respond when you have a claim.

Willis CKA takes a proactive and urgent approach to ensuring that our clients’ insurance policies respond quickly and equitably.

As your outsourced risk manager, we also aim to minimise the often time consuming claims process for our clients.

At Willis CKA, the broker who is responsible for designing and arranging the relevant insurance policy is the person responsible for ensuring that the policy responds as it is intended to. Willis CKA’s Directors become involved if, at any time, we believe that the insurer is not acting in a timely or appropriate manner.

There are several strategies that Willis CKA uses to ensure good claims settlement results for our clients:

Ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of the scope of insurance cover.
Use of pre-agreed loss adjusters.
Unambiguous policy wordings.
Constant communication.
Use of insurers that have good claims payment reputations and acceptable financial security.
Rigorous advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Importantly, all of Willis CKA’s Directors and our strategic partners have extensive claims negotiation¬†experience. Our service culture is focussed just as much on claims advocacy as it is on any other part of our service.